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November 2019 Activities

Album Making (Explosion Box)

Date(Day) 08/11/19 (Friday)
Classes6th to 8th
Activity In chargeMs Shubhi Agarwal
Duration1 Hour

On 08 November 2019 there was an Album Making Activity for respective classes VI to VIII .The activity was conducted in 2nd and 3rd period. The incharge of this activity was Ms. Shubhi Agarwal. In this activity students made different kinds of beautiful Explosion boxes with their own hands using chart papers, Images and other decorative materials. Students brought their craft material, colors etc from their home. The main objective of this activity was to make the students more creative. The activity was enjoyed a lot by the students and the teachers as well…

Naat Competition

Date(Day) 16-11-19 (Saturday)
Classes3rd to 5th
Activity In chargeMr. Mohd Arshad
Duration1 Hour

On 16-11-19 there was a competition of “Naat Recitation” for classes 3rd to 5th in 5th and 6th periods. All the students of classes 3rd to 5th participated in competition.They were looking energetic during competition as they had proper voice modulation with great delievery of the Arabic or Urdu words. The students of all the classes recited different “Naat” in Activity Room. The main objective of this competition was to enhance the skills of the students, by encouraging them to get over their hesitation and to improve their pronunciation of Urdu words and to arouse interest in their hearts to take part in religious activities.

English Elocution

Date(Day) 08-11-2019 (Friday)
Classes3rd to 5th
Activity In chargeMs. Shumaila Jamal
Duration1 Hour

On Friday, 8th Nov 2019, an ENGLISH ELOCUTION ACTIVITY was conducted in classes III to V in second and third period. Class teachers were present in their respective classes during these periods. For ENGLISH ELOCUTION two topics were given to them – “Save Trees” and “Save Water”. Students were asked to recite a short paragraph on any one topic. They were well prepared for this and recited well.

It was really a great activity because by this activity we gave a chance to the students to show their communication skills. All of them participated actively and enjoyed a lot.


Date(Day) 2.11.2019 (Saturday)
Classes1st to 5th
Activity In chargeMS. REHNUMA PARVEEN
Duration1 Hour

On Saturday 2nd Nov 2019 there was a “DIYA MAKING” Activity of Classes 1 to 5. The activity was conducted in 3rd and 4th period. In this activity the children decorated Diyas with decorative materials. They showed their energy and did the task with enthusiasm. They had done the task with great efforts. The main objective of this activity was to make the students creative.

Best out of waste Activity

Date(Day) 2-11-2019\Saturday
Classes6th to 8th
Activity In chargeMrs. Ruby Rastogi
Duration1 Hour

On Saturday 2nd November 2019, there was “Best out of waste” activity of classes VI to VIII. The activity was conducted in 3rd and 4th period .In this activity the children made useful material by waste things like – newspaper, plastic bottles, matchsticks etc. They were showed their energy and did the task with enthusiasm .The main objective of this activity was to make students creative .They did the task with great efforts and enjoyed a lot. Some pictures were taken; they are as follows:

Urdu Hand Writing

Date(Day) 16-11-19\Saturday
Classes1st & 2nd
Activity In chargeMs. Sana Amber
Duration1 Hour

On the pleasant day of 16 Nov 2019 (Saturday) our school organized an activity of Urdu hand writing .This activity was conducted in V & VI period .Activity was held in the guidance of class teacher. All students of class I & II participated with excitement & performed very well. Students brought a line sheet for writing. By these kind of activities students are improving their handwriting and learn how to write in correct form. Their enthusiasm and excitement was appreciable .

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