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October 2019 Activities

Fancy Dress Competition

Date(Day) 03/10/2019 (Friday)
ClassesNur & K.G.
Activity In chargeMrs. Azra
Duration1 Hour

The Mesco Public School conducted a fancy dress competition for the students of classes Nursery and K.G. It was held on 3rd Oct 2019. The purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to speak in front of their own classmates. Students displayed their talent on the theme Fruits/ Vegetables.

Children dressed up in their colourful costumes of different fruits and vegetables and spoke about the fruits and vegetables that they depicted. The best part was when the children spoke about fruits, that fruits give us energy and protect us from diseases. To be a champion in everything a lot of energy is needed and they help us to make us fit and fine. Some picture were taken on this activity they are as follows:

Plantation Activity

On Friday 18th of October 2019 our school has organized plantation activity for classes I & II. The activity was conducted in III & IV period at swings area. Some students participated in this activity, students brought different types of plants for plantation activity. The main objective of this activity was to tell the students about the importance of gases. Like: Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Students planted numerous types of plants. They planted saplings in the field. They did the activity with great efforts and enjoyed a lot. Later the activity was ended by taking an oath to prevent the envirnoment from pollution by contributing little efforts in our daily life.


Slogan Writing Activity

The name of the Allah is most beneficent and merciful.

Best out of waste Activity


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