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We cover seven areas of learning and development, fundamental for education and growth:

The school is divided into Five distinct wings for its smooth functioning namely.

1. Senior Secondary School

For Classes XI and XII, the subjets offered are English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, IP, Economics, History, Political Science and Psychology.


Pupil have to opt for the subjects/clusters appropriate to a stream i.e. Science, Humanities or Commerce.

Note: 1. An elective/optional subject is offered only when required minimum number of candidates opt for the same.

2.Admission criteria for Class XI (Session 2024 - 25)

For Science stream:
Students must score more than 60% in Maths & Science in CBSE exams.

For Commerce Stream:

Students must score more than 50% in English & Maths in CBSE exams.

2.Secondary School

Subjects taught at this level are Enlgish, Mathematics, Science, Social Science either Hindi or Urdu, Music, Art Education, Physical Education & Computer Education.

3. Middle School

Subject taught at this stage are English, Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Science(Civics, History, Geography), Music, Art Education, Physical Education & Computer Education.

4. Primary School

The atmosphere in the Primary Section is lively, more relaxed and informed than in the senior school. The medium of instruction is English, Enlgish is taught, along with two other languages, i.e. Hindi and Urdu from Class I. Other subjects Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education and Computer Education. Cultural Activities and outings have a special significance as co-curricular activities constitute an integral part of the year's programme.

Children are made familier from the beginning to use the library and to enjoy reading books. There is a vast variety of books for them in the library.

5. Pre-Primary School

This is the most important and crucial wing of the school because it is here that the child is initiated into a systematic and disciplined life. This section also works as a perpetual feeder for the school.