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The School has succeeded in developing active communication with parents through regular Parent-Teacher Meetings. Such meetings are generally held on Saturdays, both before the terminal exams and after the terminal exams. These meetings provide an occasion for a meaningful interaction between parents. and the teachers to discuss the progress of the child. A mutual and frank exchange of ideas between the parents and the teacher take place and both together, try to formulate a common plan to help the child in his/her over-all development.

Generally, most of the parents visit the school on parent-teacher Meeting day. A serious view is taken of the absence of the parents/guardian from these meetings (Habitual avoidance of these meetings hold become a cause of striking off the name of the child from the rolls.)

Schedule of PTM / Open House 2024-2025

Sr. NoDates
115 May 2024
231 July 2024
329 October 2024
424 December 2024
525 March 2025