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Smart class - A Successful Venture

MESCO Public School, in it’s never ending effort to improve the teaching and learning process, has introduced the concept of Smart Classes for Pre-Primary to Secondary School. Smart Classes integrated traditional and innovative way of learning through the new technologically advanced methodology of teaching.

Well Equipped Labs

Modern and well equipped Labs - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Computer and IT Labs have been established in the school to integrate the scientifically advance methodology of teaching.

The Concept of VIBGYOR - 7 Colours

The School has started with the concept of appreciation for the students. The school will follow the concept of VIBGYOR - 7 colors.

For 7 months 7 different colors

A student who gets final Red Card i.e. only if he gets all the other 6 color card, he will be eligible for a final white card (i.e. The mixture of all colors)

The eligibility of getting these cards will be the same as it was earlier for the Red Card.

The card would be issued by the class teacher in consultation with the subject teachers and under the guidance and supervision of the Hon’ble Principal.

Faculty Meetings

One of the notable features of the school is the regular faculty meetings of various subjects. Teachers of each faculty get together with their HODs to discuss new trends in education problems of behaviour and education of children and to prepare records of the students. These meetings of subject-teachers aim at reviewing the work done and to coordinate the contents coverage, standard and the assignments given in different classes, both horizontally as well as vertically.

Workshop & Training programs (for faculty)

Workshop for teachers conducted by experts for In-service Training and Orientation Programmes are regular features. The programs are held to keep abreast of pedagogy, assessments, latest technology, communication skills and personality development to contribute towards the professional growth of the teachers.


MESCO public school facilitate excellent transport facility for its students.

Physical Education

Proportionate emphasis is laid on the proper physical development i.e. sports and games of the child along with academic progress, emotional maturity and social well being.

Medical Health Check Up

All the students have to go through medical checkups at regular intervals organized regularly by MPS within the campus. An infirmary with necessary facilities exists in the school for First-Aid.

Rewards & Achievements :

Students excelling in Academics and various co-curricular activities are felicitated and rewarded through Merit Certificates. The meritorious performers of Class 10th are awarded scholarship.