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Test & Interviews

  1. There will be no test or interview for the child seeking admission to Pre-School and Pre-Primary classes.
  2. All the candidates seeking admission to other classes will be required to undergo written test. On the basis of the written test, the applicant along with parents may be called for an interaction. Seats will be offered according to the number of vacancies, purely at the discretion of the Management.
  3. For admission to Class I and above (upto IX), written tests will be conducted according to the prescribed school syllabus. The test papers for all classes shall be of two-hour duration, altogether.


A student can be asked to leave the school, on any one of the following grounds.

In such cases, the decision of the Principal will be final and binding the concerned students and the parents.

  1. Unsatisfying progress in studies dispite of giving several warning to the students and parents.
  2. Recurrent Indiscipline.
  3. Behavioral problems detrimental to class/school’s atmosphere.
  4. Detention in the same class for two consecutive years.
  5. Being overage for any class.
  6. Non-payment of fees as per given schedule.
  7. Breach of moral code of conduct considered serious by the school.
  8. Non-serious attitude and display of persistent negligence of school programmes, regulations and work ethics by the student.
  9. Non Co -operation of parents in the welfare of the child, including their non-attendance in Parent-Teacher Meetings.
  10. Any other matter considered serious and offensive by the School Management.

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