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April 2022 Activities

Bookmark activity

Date(Day):24-04-2022 (Wednesday)
Classes:III to V
Activity In charge:Ms. Ruby Rastogi

Bookmark activity

Bookmark activity was held in Mesco Public School on 27th April 2022. The students used handmade paper, paints, glitter, adhesive etc. for the same. They stuck pictures. They enjoyed making bookmarks as it was an opportunity for them to display their talent and creativity. All the students enjoyed the activity and learnt the use of bookmark.

Art Competition

On 13th April 2022, the Art Competition Activity was conduct in the school campus. All the students of class I and II were very excited to participate in this activity. The activity was conduct in first period and the class teachers were present in their respective classes. The students drew ‘Beautiful Bees & Caterpillar' on drawing paper and fill them with colors.

English calligraphy

On 13/4/2022 (Wednesday) "English calligraphy" activity for classes 3 to 5 was organised at Mesco public school.It was compulsory for all the students of class 3 to 5, Students participated in it with a lot of zeal and excitement. This activity was based on creative writing. The objective of this activity was to encourage students to improve their calligraphy skills. Activity was organised in the respective classrooms. Handwriting is an essential skill for students, it is an is an incredibly important exercise for students to encourage them to develop skills and confidence, it encourages and recognises the good handwriting skills. It provides students with an opportunity to display their competency of legible writing.The response of the students was very encouraging. Students have given a tough competition and presented their writing talent very beautifully. Majority of students had put in their best foot forward to enhance their writing. The best handwritings were selected according to specific parameters and the students were applauded for their splendid performance.

Poem Recitation

The Poem Recitation Activity was held on Wednesday dated 27th of April,2022 in Mesco Public School, Amroha. Poem Recitation is a great source of entertainment and the children take an active part in such activities. They recited many English poems. They were showing deep interest and enthusiasm while reciting and listening to the poems. Through this activity, they learnt confidence and a good way of expressing their personal feelings and thoughts. The Children chose a variety of English poems to be recited like "Clap, Clap, Clap", "Merry Go Round”, “A Little Seed", "Wake up", A happy Child" etc. with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The main objectives of this activity are as follows.

Slogan Writing

On the pleasant day of 17/04/2022 (Wednesday), Mesco Public School organized an online activity entitled as "Slogan Writing" for classes VI to VIII. The mode of activity was online therefore all the instructions given to the students through WhatsApp. How can we save our environment by saving the tree and how important is environment for our lives? This message was given by students through their catchy slogans. All the students participated in the activity enthusiastically. After completing the activity they shared their beautiful pictures on WhatsApp group.

Collage Making Activity

MESCO Public School, always encourages its students to display their hidden talent through various co-curricular activities be it online or offline. The school provided a platform to the students of grade 9th to 12th with a collage-making activity on 27th April 2022. All the participants spent the next hour using old newspapers, magazines, other materials / waste materials, scissors and glue to create interesting displays as per their theme. Students of class 9th to 12th participated in the collage making activity. The winners of the competition were judged by the activity in-charge on the basis of their creativity and overall presentation. The students enjoyed the competition very much. The aim of this competition was to enrich student’s experience in pictorial composition through handling new materials.

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