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MESCO PUBLIC SCHOOL’s primary aim is to offer the best environment necessary for all-round growth of a student. We aim to teach and inculcate values encompassing all modern, moral and religious conventions. We pledge to develop our students’ character in a manner which is built on the belief of integration and not of isolation.

The school also brings the experience of efficacious endeavours like New Horizon School, New Delhi to you – so that our mutual dream of seeing today’s children transforming into future leaders and professionals becomes a reality.

We believe that no child should be denied quality education and avenues of all-round development due to limitations like inadequate infrastructure, resource provision, etc. Therefore, MESCO PUBLIC SCHOOL offers all such provisions in a manner which streams into a flow and facilitates the requisite developmental plan of a child.

The school also has the active support from MESCO society – a renowned institution with an excellent record of service to the mankind. With this association, we hope to become the forerunners in this part of the country in offering integrated learning that brings together moral / religious education along with the modern curriculum.

The management of MESCO PUBLIC SCHOOL includes educationists, qualified Social Workers, MBAs Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Sociologists and other elite professionals and activists who have worked very hard to develop an ultra-modern and thriving institute in your region.

I urge upon the parents to show interest in their child’s school life. With your continual interest in their education, they will feel motivated, and this will help us provide your children with an all-round education and their development into responsible citizens.

Kamal Faruqui