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Children Day Celebration

On 14th of November, 2021 A program named as Children’s Day was conducted by the principal , Mrs. Pooja Buttan and celebrated by all with great pomp and show. The program was conducted after recess and all common daily tasks like assembly (prayer, pledge etc.) which are normally done by the students were performed by the teachers themselves as per instructions of the principal ma’am. Before starting the program Mr. Usman sought God’s blessings by Qirat and many programs and games like naat , ghazal , song, skits, madley etc which were organized and performed by the teachers followed it . All the teachers took an active part in them and entertained the students a lot with their beautiful performances. The children were very happy to see their strict and reserved teachers doing different entertaining and funny acts and performances.

Highlights: The students were informed in advanced about some sports activities on the occasion of children’s day through a formal circular and a proper schedule was planned smartly so that the children’s study may not suffer. i.e. In Pre-primary section, period 1 and 2 were scheduled for study and period 3 and 4 were occupied for sports activities under the supervision of Mrs. Indu Saxena and she performed all the duties very well. The sports activities included the following games… 1. Frog Race 2. Biscuit Race 3. Pick and Run Race 4. Simple Run Race The terms and conditions for the above mentioned games or activities were properly explained to the children and reminded that one child may participate in any two games only.

In the same way, in primary and middle section, period 1 to 4 were scheduled for study and period 4 to 8 were occupied for sports activities under the supervision of Mrs. Fabeha Touseef and she too performed all the duties very well. The sports activities in primary and middle wing included the following game. The terms and conditions were same here too. 1. Sack Race 2. Three Legged Race 3. Zig Zag Race 4. Rabbit Race

Teachers' Day Celebration

On Thursday, 05th of September 2021 teachers’ day was celebrated in the school, which was conducted by the students of class XI and XII. Program was organised in RBM hall. Principal Mrs. Pooja Buttan, Coordinators & teachers were invited by students.

Program was started with Qira’at by Maviya Mansoori, then there was a wonderful introduction of teachers’ day like why we used to celebrate this day. Students had decorated the hall very well which displayed their creativity. Some student’s performances were there which they had prepared to entertain their teachers on their special day. In between the program, the Manager, Mr. Tauseef Hasan was remembered with the depth of core. The Director Mr. Ashhar Touseef along with MIP Management honoured the teachers with gifts from the side of the school. Some surprise games were there for teachers and winners were awarded with a gift. So, it was really a well organised and wonderful program by the students of MESCO to show their love and respect towards the teacher.

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day was celebrated online on 15th of August, 2021 but the teachers were called in school campus only for flag hoisting. The program started by seeking the blessings of Almighty Allah through recitation of Holy Verses of Holy Quran. On this occasion, the director Mr. Ashhar Touseef hoisted the national flag and saluted the brave freedom fighters to remember their courageous deeds and sacrifices. He aroused the patriotic spirit hidden somewhere deep in the people’s heart by reciting great patriotic poetry. The online program was hosted by the talented and fluent anchor Mohd. Faraz from class 10th A. He did his job very well including patriotic verses to make his anchoring more appealing and effective. The school was closed for the students due to the pandemic, Covid-19 all over the world. That’s why a very few programs were presented including recitation of Holy verses of Holy Qur’an, patriotic songs, dance performance, Speeches in both languages, Hindi and English, patriotic skits etc. virtually.

Addressing and Wishing the entire Mesco Family, the Principal of the school, Mrs. Pooja Buttan started her speech that they should remember the sacrifices given by the brave freedom fighters just for the sake of the country and its people. She advised them to take care of the cleanliness as well. She added that in spite of having freedom, we are not completely free as in the modern world we have been slaves to our bad habits, over ambitions, laziness and selfishness. Through her speech she appealed the students to take some resolutions on this patriotic occasion to give up at least one bad habit. She directed the students to follow the same pattern every year and thus they will get rid of all negative components of their lives. On this occasion, the participants did not let the people feel that we are passing through such a hard time. The entire program was accomplished under the instructions of program coordinator Mrs. Saba Raees. The program was uploaded on the official channel of the school “Mesco Public School” and link of the video was shared in the school groups.

Dental Camp

On February, 14, 2020 (Friday) a dental test for children was conducted in Mesco Public School. Reputed doctor Mr. Ravindra Chaudhary checked up routine of children in this dental test. He also made the children aware of dental diseases. He told that Serious diseases can be avoided by getting dental care on time. The problem of dental disease continues to increase. Children should not have junk food, chocolate and excessively cold or hot items. It has a bad effect on the teeth. On this occasion, the school's manager Mr. Tausif Hasan and Mr. Ashhar Tausif were present while motivating the children for dental tests, they said that at regular time testing should be done so that teeth problems can be solved.

The school's Principal, Mrs. Pooja Buttan also told children about the problems of dental diseases. This dental test has been conducted for the purpose of making awareness of problem of teeth, that can happen to anyone.

Republic Day Celebration

Republic day was celebrated on 26th of January, 2020. The program started by seeking the blessings of Almighty Allah through qirat followed by sacred Naat. On this occasion, Saluting the brave freedom fighters and remembering their courageous deeds and sacrifices, the Chairman Mr. Kamal Faruqui hoisted the national flag.

On this beautiful occasion a variety of colorful programs like speech in both Hindi and English language, dances, patriotic songs, skits etc were performed which added the beauty of the celebration. Mohd. Saad together with Mohd. Hamza Siddqui from class VII and Kashish Batool from class XI gave very beautiful speeches in English and Hindi respectively and made the people remember how and when our constitution came into force. Mohd. Sufiyan from class VII sang a patriotic song to make the program more interesting and passionate. Two groups of students from different classes presented a patriotic skit in which Mohd Hamza Siddiqui, Mohd. Saad, Mohd Sufiyan, Syed Mohd. Safi, Mohd. Zaid, Mohd. Faraz, Mohd Salim, Mohd. Aijaz and some others took an active part. Except these many programmes were performed enthusiastically by the students of class 3 and 4 but the Fancy Dress competition of little angles from class Nursery and K.G. earned the most attraction.

Addressing and Wishing all the students, the Chairman of the school Mr. Kamal Faruqui spoke a few but unforgettable words that they should remember the sacrifices given by the brave freedom fighters just for the sake of the country and its people. He advised them to take care of the cleanliness as well.

At the end of the program Principal Mrs. Pooja Buttan also gave a short but valuable speech and made the students aware of the interesting facts related to the constitution. On this occasion the entire managing committee, Principal, Vice Principal, all the coordinators, teachers and subordinates were present at the spot and performed their respective duties very well. Mr. Mohd. Faheem Siddiqui, Mr. Shashank, Mr. Akhiyar and Mr. Mohd. Tayyab Were the discipline in charges who maintained the discipline throughout the program. All the arrangements like water arrangement, sitting arrangement etc were made for the students as well as others properly. The entire program was accomplished under the instructions of activity in charge Miss Afreen Siddiqui. When the program was over, sweets were distributed amongst the students and let them depart under smooth discipline.

Teachers' Day Celebration 2019-2020

“One book, one pen, One child, and one Teacher can change the world”

Teachers’ Day celebrated in Mesco Public School on Sept 5th 2019 and the celebration began at 7:15 AM in the morning in school ground.

Head boy, Ammar Hasan and Deputy Head girl Munazza Shakir made the teachers surprised by requesting them to conduct the morning assembly. Teachers accepted this request and conducted the assembly smoothly. The program was lead of by the teachers Mr. Afhsan Ahmad, Mr. Mohd Tayyab, Mr. Akhiyar Ahmad, Ms. Afreen Siddiqui , Ms. Mehrun Nisha, Ms. Shumayla and Mr. Usman Qasmi acted as a team and performed the following:

Teacher’s NameTask
All mentioned aboveRecitation of Prayer (Dua)
Mr. Akhiyar AhmadTranslation of Prayer (Dua)
Mr. Mohd TayyabPledge
Mr. Afshan AhmadG.K. Quiz
Ms. Afreen SiddiquiThought of the day and new words
Mr. Usman QasmiRecitation of Quranic verses

A speech highlighted the importance of a teacher and about Dr. Sarv Palli Radha Krishna was delivered by the Abubakar Siddique student of Class I. After the assembly Madam Principal Mrs. Pooja Buttan addressed all the teachers with her inspiring words. She thanked all the teachers for their diligence sincerity and hard work.

Cultural Programme

After the assembly students and teachers left for R.B.M where the celebration continued. The cultural programme began with the recitation of holy verses of Quran. Then students of class 9 and 12 gave their amazing performances which were properly guided, instructed and prepared by the head boy Ammar Hasan and head girl Sheena. They performed very well and entertained the teachers.

During the programme school Manager Mr. Tauseef Hasan, Director Mr. Ashhar Tauseef, Principal Madam Mrs. Pooja Buttan, Vice Principal, Mrs. Sadia Nizam and all the coordinators were also there to enjoy the programme. Former MLC Mr. Subhash spoke about the significance of Teachers’ Day and contribution of teachers in a student life.

After that all the teachers were called out to participate in games organized by the students of class 9th to 12 and conducted by the head boy and head girl. The teachers took an active part in the games and won several gifts for participation.

High Tea

After the programme the day came to an end with the scrumptious refreshment by the students. All the teachers were requested to move to in activity room for High Tea, then a group photograph was captured. We all were so glad, excited and enjoyed the programme. Really it was memorable moment for all of us.

Independence Day 2019-2020

It is a proud moment for everyone as we approach the 73 rd Independence Day on August 15 th 2019.This annual observance has great significance and this special day is celebrated for commemorating our brave soldiers and fighters of history who won us the freedom that we are enjoying today. On this great occasion Mesco Public School has come up with Independence Day Celebration and activities to help kids to learn more about the significance of the day. The students of Nursery & K.G participated with great enthusiasm and zest in this coloring activity. These students displayed their skills at this event.

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