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July 2022 Activities

English Elocution

Date(Day) 06/07/22 (Wednesday)
ClassesI and II
Activity In chargeMrs. Razia khan
Duration1 Hour

The English Elocution was held on Wednesday dated 06 th of July,2022 in Mesco Public School, Amroha. English Elocution is a great source of entertainment and the children take an active part in such activities. They read my chapters from the book, recite poems and narrate the stories with correct pronunciation . They were showing deep interest and enthusiasm while doing all these things. Through this activity, they learnt confidence and a good way of expressing their personal feelings an thoughts.The main objectives of this activity is to improve the pronunciation..

Cold Cooking Competition

Date(Day) 06/07/22 (Wednesday)
Classes III to V
Activity In chargeMs. Rehnuma

On 6 July 2022 a virtual activity name "Cold cooking* without fire had conducted students from class 3 to 5 had participated in the activity. They got all the instructions from the Incharge teacher Ms. Rehnuma regarding activity that they can't use fire in cooking they have to prepare a dish without using fire. students were excited to participate in the activity as it was there one of favourite activity because in this activity they got an opportunity to show their talent and to take delicious dishes as well and prepared some healthy and delicious foods. Through this activity the students learnt the spirit of teamwork, culinary skills, appreciating the hard work put into cooking. A lot of enthusiasm in participating and a sense of achievement were visible in the sparkling eyes of our little Master Chefs !!They had put their great efforts gave good performance by preparing mouth watering dishes.

Fairy Tales (Act Competition)

Date(Day) 06/07/22 (Wednesday)
Classes 6 to 8
Activity In chargeMs. Aaisha Parveen

On 06 July 2022, An activity named “Fairy Tales” had conducted. It was an act based activity. Students from classes 6th to 8th had got the opportunity to show their talent. They had got all the required instructions from the In charge teacher. Students got the information about the activity before 1 week so that they will have enough time for the preparation. Students were excited to participate in this activity as students like fairy tales a lot. They always fond of playing the roles of these characters. Through this activity they’ve got the chance to play the role of their favourite character. They presented the act in a very beautiful way. These types of activities develop acting skills in the students and it also helps the students to boost-up their confidence level..

Greeting Card Making

Date(Day) 06/07/22 (Wednesday)
Classes 9th to 12th
Activity In chargeMs. Sadia Nizam

As per the activity calendar of Mesco Public School, an activity of "Greeting Card Making" is scheduled on 6th July 2022 for the classes 9 to 12. Incharge Ms. Sadia instructed the students in advance through WhatsApp groups of the respective classes. They were instructed to be prepared for making birthday cards. Students of all classes participated with full enthusiasm and did a tremendous work. The greetings cards show the creativity and artistic talent of the students. It was completed in one hour duration.

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