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October 2022 Activities

Panchtantra Ki Kahaniya

Date(Day) 05/10/21 (Tuesday)
ClassesIII To V
Activity In chargeMs. Ruby Rastogi
Duration1 Hours

A blend of exceptional creativity and imagination was displayed by the students of classes 3rd,4th and 5th during the “Greeting Card Making Competition” held on 5th of October,2021(Tuesday). Children participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. It was a wonderful sight to witness the creations of children who with their nimble fingers weave magic on paper. The competition aimed at promoting creativity and self-expression among students.

Vegetable Printing

Date(Day) 05/10/21 (Tuesday)
Activity In chargeMs. Indu Saxena
Duration1 Hours

Our school, Mesco Public School organized a *Vegetable Printing* competition for class K. G. on Saturday, 5th October 2021. In this activity children had to show their creativity. They had to complete this activity in the given time duration and also send a snapshot of their card along with proper position. They had to completed the given task with great efforts and enthusiasm. The main objective of this activity was to make the students creative and thoughtful.

Cooking Without Fire Activity

Date(Day) 05/10/21 (Tuesday)
ClassesVI to VIII
Activity In chargeMs. Sabiha Habeeb
Duration1 Hour

An activity named Cooking WithoutFire had been conducted in class 6th , 7th & 8th on Tuesday dated 5th of Oct 2021 in Mesco Public Amroha.The students are given proper instructions by the activity in charge Ms. Sabiha Habib. The activity was conducted in their respective classes. In this activity, most of the children participated actively and took deep care of the instructions while participating in the activity. All students were excited to participate in this activity as it is their one of the favourites activity. This activity was simple and provided a great demonstration for children . The children cooked many dishes like Fruit Cream, Chocolate Shake, Coconut Sweet and Bhailpuri and so on. All the children really enjoyed this activity and had a fun. The main objective of this activity was to develop the cooking skills among the children and to increase the competitiveness among the children .

Naat Competition

Date(Day) 28/10/21 (Thursday)
ClassesIV to VIII
Activity In chargeMr. Usman Qasmi
Duration2 Hour

On the pleasant day of 28 October 2021 (Thursday) our school organized Competition entitled as Naat Competition .This competition was conducted offline in Urdu Period . Competition was held in the guidance of Mr. Usman Qasmi. All students of class 4th ,5th ,6th,7th and 8th participated with excitement & performed very well. This competition was held among the students of all the four ( Green, Red, Yellow and Blue) houses in which the students of all the four houses participated. The winners were awarded with certificates by Senior Coordinator Sadia Nizam and middle Coordinator Azra Siddiqui . At last Mr. Usman threw light on the life of Huzur Sallallaho Alehi Wasallam and said that Huzoor's greatest blessing is the Qur'an which will last till the end of world. Their enthusiasm and excitement was appreciable .

Sunnat Activity

Date(Day) 28/10/21 (Thursday)
ClassesII & III
Activity In chargeMs. Sana Amber
Duration1 Hour

On the pleasant day 28 October ( Thursday) our school organized an activity called as ' Sunnat Activity ' .This activity was conducted in first period & under the supervision of class teachers .All students of the class participated very well and performed amazingly . Students brought A 4 sheet and wrote any two sunnats of any topic. The aim of this activity was to follow sunnat in their practical life .So the main objective of this activity was to learn the sunnats and taught to students about way of sunnats . During this activity Students performed admirably . Their consideration was commendable.

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